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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  October 19, 2015 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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it is going to be windy and warm today with highs around 80. a red flag warning will be in place for all of central iowa from 10am until 7pm. it will be to dangerous to burn anything. temperatures will stay close to 70 the rest of the week. there is a chance for a spotty light rain shower on tuesday and wednesday. the best chance for rain exists on friday. first on 13... an overnight fire
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out of its home. it started around one a-m this morning. that was on blue stem road in norwalk. that's south of the airport.
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when crews arrived, flames were rising from the back porch. authorities say it started on a grill that sparked... then quickly spread to the entire porch area. crews from west des moines had to be called in to help. everyone was able to get out of the house safely. a grill was also likely the culprit behind what filled downtown newton with smoke last night. the fire was at the panda garden restaurant. fire fighters think it started in the grill area of the restaurant and spread to neighboring buildings. the building sustained fire, smoke and water damage. everyone inside was able to get out safely... but many didn't have a place to go. luckily a nearby business owner stepped in and opened her doors. 301826 - well i saw the employees standing there and some of there family, they have two young children. and i was feeling bad cause it was cold outside so i invited them into the theater where they could stay warm until things settle down
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meanwhile two area fire departments are looking to consolidate their flame fighting efforts. fire crews in clive and windsor heights are considering a merger that has residents wondering what it all means for them. channel 13's josh nguyen is covering the story this morning. he joins us now from clive. the city of clive is hosting a public meeting and presentation to invite feedback from clive residents and businesses on the proposed fire/ems merger. the meeting to provide the public with more information and gather input will be held on monday, october 19 from 5:30 pm. - 7:00 p.m. at the dymond public safety center, 8505 harbach
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dry and windy conditions are pushing burn bans in more than a dozen iowa counties this morning.... in addition the national weather service has issued a red flag warning for much of our viewing area. under that outdoor burning is not recommended... kristin rogers reports on just how fast those fires can grow out of control. wind andsunshine it's been the theme of fall this year across the area
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"it's been an unusually dry october." these pictures are from a corn field fire in scott county, a county we are told, is under a burn ban. a burn ban is in place, for more than a dozen counties... and may not be lifted until we recieve measurable rain, "can't burn leaves currently right now, uh sticks, things that maybe yard waste that's in your yard, uh those types of things are not allowed in the burn ban." "during the burn ban there is no open burning, but i'm told you can burn in covered fire pits similar to this one."even those who burn prairies as part of their job, say they take burn bans seriously. "if it's announced there is a burn ban or a red flag day, we just simply do not burn. we just stand down and say we're not going to burn today at all."even cigerettes we are told can be risky in these conditions... "we ask that they don't toss their cigerettes out the window, uh that could cause a grass fire, field fire."we are told if you are anxious to burn, in these conditions, patience is important. "i can understand that feeling, where you want to get the job done okay because you have four or five or six other jobs in line to get done that same
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fire officals say those under a ban can still grill, but other burning needs to be approved. we put a list of counties currently under that bans and warnings on
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a pleasant hill babysitter accused of child abuse will stand trial today. christina williamson is facing charges of child endangerment, willful injury, and child neglect charges. police arrested her back in may after they say hidden camera video showed the non-registered daycare provider abusing three children. the bench trial is set to begin this morning in polk county. deliberations continue today in the attempted murder trial of a des moines man. sot-stephanie cox prosecuting attorney 58:11-he has this gun which he has loaded and taken with him ato these location, his intent is to kill these people 58;17 pete polson says he was high on meth the night before he drove through a pleasant hill neighborhood and randomly started shooting at three people. that was last november. two were hit and are still recovering.
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jurors were handed the case late friday afternoon and only deliberated for a half hour. they'll report back to the courthouse this morning to continue. windsor heights police are investigating an argument that ended in gunshots. it happened in the 14-hundred block of 63rd street yesterday morning. the des moines register reports a man fired shots into the ground after a domestic argument involving a dog. that dog was reportedly charging a child, according to police. no one was injured in the incident... one person is in the hospital this morning after a shooting in davenport. it happened just after six o-clock last night in the area of 13th street and eastern avenue. police say the suspects fled the scene and one person was rushed to the hospital. no word on the victim's condition or injuries at this time... local realtors have a warning for buyers and renters this morning... beware of scammers. they say buyers and renters are getting caught in a trap that's costing them thousands of dollars. here's
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scammers post homes for rent on websites like craiglist when they are actually for sale by real estate companies. the crooks list the properties for significantly less than what they're worth. they then ask potential renters to wire or send a cashiers check -- to an address either out of the state or out of the country. realtors say people should pay close attention to these offers that seem to good to be true 075311 - people just have to be cautious when dealing with these things, its better to take a little more time and fact check then lose out on your money another to be on the lookout for -- online listings with few pictures or little information about the property. thus far, no cases have been reported to the polk county sheriff's office. the iowa hawkeyes pull into their bye week in perfect position. they're undefeated and up in the polls again.
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after saturday's win over northwestern the hawks have jumped to number 12. it's their highest ranking in years. things looked bleak early on in saturday's game when jordan canzeri left with an ankle injury. but akrum wadley was "johnny on the spot".. he ran wild for 204 yards and 4 touchdowns. the hawks stacked forty points onto the overwhelmed wildcats. the hawks now have a chance to heal as they take a full week off before the hawks now have a chance to heal as they take a full week
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hosting maryland a week from saturday. meanwhile cub fans are feeling the pressure rising today... the n-l-c-s not off to the start they were hoping for.. after dropping the first game on saturday, they turned to ace jake arrieta in game two...but for the second straight game, arrieta is not sharp...the mets ding him for three runs in the first and then hang on behind starter noah syndergaard...they win it, 4-1 and send the series to wrigley field where the cubs will have to fight their way out of a 2-nothing hole. well we like to think our kids are safe when we load them up
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day... but some safety experts
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why the talk around school bus safety is extra loud this week. and how the greatest danger may be different than what you'd
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it is going to be windy and warm today with highs around 80. a red flag warning will be in place for all of central iowa from 10am until 7pm. it will be to dangerous to burn anything. temperatures will stay close to 70 the rest of the week. there is a chance for a spotty light rain shower on tuesday and wednesday. the best chance for
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still ahead... it's school bus safety week. the latest technology keeping kids safe as they roll off to school... and why even the latest and greatest can't stop a common
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there will be a lot of focus on school buses this week... that's because this week is national school bus safety week.. but the message safety experts are trying to get out might surprise you. nbc's chris clackum has the story.
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we've all been horrified by the disturbing videos... of drivers ignoring stopped school buses.. and the near tragic results. "horn blowing...stop that car!" "whoa! "he came here, wouldn't stop, so i just backed up a little." "as the semi went by, there's nothing but dust and i thought she was dead." incidents like this are at the forefront during this ...national school bus safety week. but experts maintain...riding a school bus remains the safest way to transport a child to and from school. "they're big, yellow vehicles..they're conspicuous, they're easy to see and they're high. they got all the kids up, high out of the crash zone it is the way to get kids to school if you want them to arrive safely" " still, there's a push for longer stop arms....and mounted cameras... outside and inside the bus to encourage safe driving by everyone... ...including school bus drivers. "school bus drivers should not be texting or talking on their phones but the larger problem remains other drivers... who, a recent survey just revealed, committed more than 78,000 illegal passing violations in a single day.
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